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The de minimis regulation (EC Reg. 875/2007) allows a maximum support of 30,000 Euro per firm for each three-year period during 2007-2013. The objective of the study was to assess the consequences of an adaptation of the de minimis regulation to account for the size of the firms in terms of the number of vessels they operate. The proposed regime would provide assistance of 30,000 per vessel, with a maximum of 100,000 Euro per firm.

The de minimis regulation specifies total national ceilings for the budgets which can be made available for this purpose. The report analyses the potential impact of the present de minimis regime and the changes which would occur under the proposed regime, assuming that the resources will be used to their maximum. A brief review of the Member States shows that many MS have used de minimis, but mostly to a limited extent only. (download report)

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