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The study reveals a great bond with the fishing tradition, the profession and the community, particularly in municipalities where the cutter fleet plays a significant role - Urk, Den Oever and Goedereede. Fishermen love their profession and wish to continue the family business. Around three quarters of the cutter owners feel that they are part of a 'wonderful fishing tradition'. The majority of vessel owners would have difficulty leaving the fishery sector. Two thirds do not intend to stop fishing in the next 1-2 years, even if the economic situation does not improve.

Most cutter owners say that they have adjusted their business operations to the new conditions, mainly through better control of costs. They are very willing to invest and half of the potential investors have discussed their plans with the banks which are prepared to support them. Around half of the cutter owners hope that their children will also become fishermen and believe that their children feel the same. (download presentation, download full report)

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