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A pilot survey was carried out in sixteen participating Member States, covering in total 59 aquaculture segments, defined in terms of fifteen main farmed species and eight applied technologies. Statistical data was compiled from hundreds of individual firms for a set of indicators including revenues, costs components, balance sheet indicators and employment.

The 59 covered segments have produced in 2006 1.3 million tonnes of fish with an estimated value of 3.8 billion Euro. This means that the survey covered over 95% of the EU aquaculture production. These 59 segments represent almost 11,000 firms, which employed a total of about 55-60,000 engaged persons. The gross value added was estimated at 1.6 billion Euro. 

Experience from the survey will guide the implementation of an on-going programme for the collection of statistical data on aquaculture, which in its turn should allow formulation of new effective policies to promote the development of this sector. (see presentation)

In total three reports were produced. Report 1 reviews the status of EU aquaculture and presents costs and earnings data for various aquaculture activities by Member State (see report 1). Report 2 evaluates the feasibility of a regular data collection scheme and estimates its costs (see report 2). Finally, report 3 contains various annexes (see report 3).


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