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Advisory Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture (ACFA) is a platform for dialogue among the stakeholders involved in fisheries and between the stakeholders and European Commission. It was reorganized in 1999 and its role and effectiveness was to be reviewed again. The assignment was awarded to the consortium of Cowi (Dk), Nautilus Consultants (UK) and Framian. The team has reviewed results of ACFA since 2000, participated in several of its meetings, set-up an e-survey and held a significant number of in-depth interviews. Several case studies were carried out regarding the impact of ACFA on EU policies, in particular in relation to the European Fisheries Fund and the measures taken to combat IUU fishing activities.

On the basis of the findings the team presented four scenarios regarding possible future role of ACFA and a set of recommendations in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency of and to prepare it for changing tasks. (download presentation, download full report)

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