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The study is an evaluation of the economic and operation feasibility of the use of LNG 9liquefied natural gas) as a new energy source for the Dutch beam trawl fleet. This would also reduce the environmental impact through lower exhaust of CO2, NOX and SOX. At the outset of the study it was evident that the demand for LNG from fishing fleet alone would be too small and therefore inland and coastal shipping were also included as potential LNG users.

LNG can be technically used on beam trawlers over 40m. In 2008 this fleet of 80 vessels used 104,000 m3 of fuel. If available, use of LNG would be attractive for individual vessels, but in practice the introduction faces major obstacles:
• Low investment ability due to poor financial results;
• Investment priorities lie mainly in the are ecologically acceptable gear to replace beam trawl.
• Shift to small vessels, making it unlikely that 40+m vessels will be also built in the future.
• LNG installation will in medium term negatively affect the price of the vessel on the second hand market.

Even when inland and short sea shipping is considered, the potential demand for LNG does not justify the investments for the required shore infrastructure.

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