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The report and the statistical annex present the following indicators by coastal NUTS-2 region, Member State, area and EU-27 total:

  • Income and employment generated by the total fisheries sector and its four sub-sectors catching, fish processing, aquaculture and ancillary activities;
  • Dependency rates in relation to total income or employment of the regions and countries;
  • TAC dependence by region and / or by country.

The total income generated by the EU fisheries sector in 2005 amounted to 10.9 bln Euro, about 0.1% of the GDP. The catching sector generated 3.9 bln Euro, fish processing 4.6 bln Euro, aquaculture 1.6 bln Euro and ancillary activities an estimated 0.8 bln Euro. Italy and France account for 38% of the income from the catching sector. Fish processing is particularly important in the UK, France and Spain with a share of 52% of the EU total. Aquaculture is particularly pronounced in Italy, Greece, Spain and the UK. (download report)

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