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The Common Fisheries Policy pursues long term sustainability of the ecosystem and exploitation of the fish stocks at MSY level. Over the past decades the policy was mainly based on administrative and technical regulations. Economic arguments were mainly used to soften restriction under the pretext of ‘serious socio-economic consequences’.  CFP has disregarded the potential role of the market and economic incentives for the promotion of ecological integrity.

The first documents on the review of the CFP propose introduction of individual transferable exploitation rights, linked to result-based management. Awareness of the consumers should be increased through eco-labelling schemes.

The study reviews existing management instruments in relation conservation, structures, markets, technical measures and third countries as well as new potential instruments in particular cost recovery schemes and payment for access (royalties). The study concludes that the foreseen policy could be further strengthened by making a greater use of market forces and economic incentives, in particular a differentiated scheme of royalties. Such a scheme could selectively protect specific areas or types of habitat. Necessity of marine protection can be well reflected in the level of access fees, which offer a more refined instrument for this purpose.

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